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We are taking submissions for exhibition only at a one night choreographer's showcase in August 2017.  This is an opportunity to share your work with the dance community, and participate in a great show for a great cause.  All choreographers and companies are welcome to submit.  You may submit more than one piece.  There is no submission fee.  Please fill out the form to the left.  For any further questions, please contact

Join us in this great sharing of local companies and choreographers as we unite together in this great cause! 

 Dan Strate, a 36 year old father, husband, and sole income earner for the family, suffered seizure while driving in late March.   His 13 year old son miraculously saved them both by jumping across the moving vehical and taking the wheel.   Doctor's then  discovered the cause of the seizure to be an Astrocytoma brain tumor.  With his life suddenly flipped upside down, his radiation and chemotherapy treatments are his new full time job.  He will be unable to work for quite sometime, and medical bills are mounting!  Lets gather together to raise funds for this great family to help get them through this difficult time!


PDC Presents: "Dancing For Dan"

A Choreographer's Showcase and Benefit